Episode 208 – Heaven’s Basement

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We’ve got another regular for you, quite nicely balanced between the more extreme side and more melodic side of Metal. There’s the French Black Metal band Abstrusa Unde, the Death Metal formation Nader Sadek from Egypt (yes, new territory is being explored), Aorlhac from France and Angizia from Austria. It’s a blessing to have Si and Marcus on the board, else where would be find such obscure bands? *lol* This gets countered by more established acts like U.D.O., who recently put out a new album called “Rev-Raptor”. The American band Twisted Tower Dire also released new material, while the newly formed Symfonia and the Japanese Knights of Round round it off. And let’s not forget the British Hard Rockers from Heaven’s Basement, with whom Polina had an interview. So tune in, enjoy and keep that feedback coming.

Hosting: Kobe
Tracklist: Kobe, Marcus, Tim, Si, Polina, Judit
Interview: Polina

01. Symfonia – Santiago
02. Abstrusa Unde – Al Aklorodan
03. Twisted Tower Dire – The Stone
04. Aorlhac – Sant Flor, La cité Des Vents
05. Heaven’s Basement – Close Encounters
06. U.D.O. – Renegade
07. Angizia – Maß für Maß
08. Knights Of Round – The Promised Land
09. Enslaved – Alu Misyrki / Free EP Download
10. Nader Sadek – Soulless

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  1. Sebastian says:

    Hahaha. I love your accent. Unfortunately… that Angizia album title was NOT the most learner-friendly for non-German speakers. hehe

    If I may make a suggestion, that interview in the middle was way, way too long, man. The show lost momentum. I skipped after what felt like half an hour (though of course it wasn’t).

  2. Sebastian says:

    Marcus was right about Aorlhac. It IS beautiful black metal.

  3. Dave says:

    Abstrusa Unde sound great! Here’s hoping they can get a deal so I can buy a copy of their album.

  4. João says:

    hey! why can’t i choose a place on the player to hear. if i click on it the whole show starts again. Cheers!

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