Episode 205

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MetalCast Episode 205

We hope you enjoyed our first label special. There’s more coming your direction, but let’s do it gradually. Carrying on with a new regular episode, one that again offers something for everyone: Progressive, Black, Death, Heavy, Power, Doom… Ten bands again, lots of them having put very new stuff lately: While Heaven Wept, Primordial, Ancient Creation (back after 4 years), Vomitory (the Swedish masters of Death Metal are on their way to their 25th anniversary), Axenstar, Sons Of Seaons (Oliver Palotai’s own band, next to Kamelot), and more. Germany and Sweden take the lion’s share of the tracklist. As usual, one might say. But if it’s good, why not? So tune in and enjoy ze toons.

Hosting: Kobe
Tracklist: Polina, Judit, Marcus, Tim, Si

01. Axenstar – The Escape
02. Sons Of Seasons – Soul Symmetry
03. Evergrey – Leave It Behind Us
04. Vomitory – Bloodstained
05. Symphorce – Do You Ever Wonder
06. Ancient Creation – Stories In The Snow
07. Sorgeldom – Through Dust Into Lostness
08. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Hammer oder Amboß
09. While Heaven Wept – Hour Of Reprisal
10. Primordial – Lain With The Wolf

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  1. wayreth says:

    And now my comment on the show.
    The Evergrey song is no surprise. I bought their album last week thursday on their amazing accoustic show (in a bar where they serve PALM, oh yeah!).
    Vomitory was a big nice surprise in this show. Brilliant song.
    The rest was not so much my cup of tea but hey, some things you like, some you don’t.
    Anyways, again a pleasure to listen (as always).
    Thanks again!

  2. wayreth says:

    Allrighty than, I’m a faithful listener to, especially to be able to keep track of new stuff.
    The glorious days of Headbanger’s Ball are long gone, the anticipation of listening in solitude to METALOPOLIS are way behind me, so nowadays it’s your show that I think is one of the best ways to discover some great stuff and in the same time have a good time.

    I know one of you is from Belgium, but nevertheless we have never met before I guess.
    So I hail from Belgium, the land of the golden drink (Duvel) and I wanna thank you in name of every listener for the effort you take to provide us with some great updates, new stuff and even some old stuff!

    Therefore, I like the more regular shows better than the specials, especially when new albums are included (like the Evergrey one which is already declared sacred in my collection). I’m looking forward to the new Morbid Angel, Origin, Opeth, Symphony X… But i’m shure you guys will include them during the year!!!!

    So again, thank you for everything, the time, the effort, the humour!!! Keep it up and for everyone that will be enjoying some great festivals this summer: make shure you do it in style with lots of beer!!! ENJOY yourselves and keep headbanging!!!

    PS: You guys from the metalcast make me wanna go to work on a monday to listen to the new show every week! (I can do this at work, yeah, lucky me!)

    Bye for now!

    • Si Smith says:

      Thank you Wayreth!! It is a great pleasure to hear your comments, and thank you for continuing to listen however wild and wacky the episodes may get! As an Englishman I know little of Belgian beer and Kobe has yet to enlighten me on its wonders….although as an apprentice I am willing to learn. I’m glad you enjoy the new stuff we bring, I know we all try to seek out new releases to astound the world with. We’ll get round to them all in the end!

      I know what you mean about the Metalcast though. When I was just a humble listener I relied on it to keep me going through the week, and it brightened my week up whatever new idea the guys had come up with.

      Wishing you a great week(end)

  3. João says:

    I’m onde of the 99,9% that listen but never comment! keep up the good music!

  4. Cheng says:

    Why 0 comment until now? Everyone should be happy as Kobe says in the show.
    I guess everyone is expecting another special…

    • Si Smith says:

      Thanks for your comment Cheng! Like you say, on a regular everyone should be happy….and dont worry peeps, specials are also on their way…..always something new on the metalcast….:-)

    • Marcus says:

      Cheng, this is not unusual. We have many, many listeners and we know how many, but unfortunately very few of them comment on our shows. To tell the truth, most of the times not even 0,1% of them. As long as they are listening, hehe 🙂

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