Episode 204 – Dread Lair

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MetalCast Episode 204

And here we have our first Special of the ones still in the pipeline, a label special. Suggested earlier by one of our listeners, Kelly Hoffart, but also our dear host from Londinium, Si, had the idea to make an episode consisting of bands from the label… The Dread Lair. This is the first in a series, you could say. There are of course many labels out there, underground and on the surface, which makes it possible to create a truckload of specials, basing on the number of bands each label has (had) on its roster. The Dread Lair is mainly focused on extreme Metal (Death, Black, and variants). Therefore you won’t hear any Power or Progressive, for example. Still, it should help to broaden your knowledge, as usual. on top of that, Si had an interview with the Turkish Progressive Death Metal band Baht. So tune in, enjoy and expand your collection when possible.

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Si, Si, Si, Si & Si

01. Vacillation – The Sadistic Nature of Mankind
02. Mantus – Angelis Tenebra
03. The Nephilim Terror – Karmic Decimation
04. Spectral Manifest – In shadows unseen
05. Omen – And darkness revealed infernally
06. Kusoof – Istid aa Al Afareet
07. Baht – Sacred enigma
08. Venemous Supremacy – Severing the legend
09. Poenarian Mist – My Own Funeral
10. Plutonian Shore – Ave Mysterium

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  1. Vale says:

    Si, you’re an amazing host.

    • Si Smith says:

      Wow! Thanks, Vale. Totally unexpected but totally appreciated. Glad you like the show!

  2. Cheng says:

    As a matter of fact, the black metal, the death metal are always not my type of sounds.
    I prefer progressive, thrash and power ones. However, with the above stuff days after days, I am a little tired.
    So when I played EP204 on my ipad and put on my earphone on the way to airport this morning, I really really got into the pour beauty of the extreme side of the music.
    In a word, music speaks for itself.
    100 points Episode. Thank you MetalCast!
    BTW, I still could not afford doom metal…and I like every pictures of Si inside each EP. Cool guy!

    • Cheng says:

      A humble suggestion–
      is it technically possible to put your hosting lines texts or even more interesting stuff ,which could not be put into the talkings , into the m4a version album cover session text lines?
      So that ipad and iphone users could read when listening.

  3. Largin up the Dread Lair, massive sounds! Big ups to Si, keep it comin bruv! Looking forward to the next DL installation (HT *cough cough*)

  4. Cheng says:

    I check the tracklist and find that I have not any idea of all the bands.
    It seems to me I’ve got a new lesson to learn for a while. Yummy yummy.
    Thanks for Si, Si, Si, Si & Si…

  5. Necrolord Darkcrow Daemon says:

    infernal hails si, do you can send me a copy of your zines in pdf to my mail???
    thanks a lot

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