Episode 203

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MetalCast Episode 203

New episode, even if our dearest Kobe was exhausted after his trip last weekend. We’ve got a bunch of Specials in the pipeline, but they are for later. Maybe next week? In any case, here’s another load of Metal for you to get through the week. New stuff from Denmark, The Netherlands, the UK, Russia and the USA. Not only new/unplayed songs, but also bands that haven’t been featured yet, like Scenario II, Tesseract, Redemption, Kartikeya, Weedeater, etc. From Power Metal over Progressive Metal to Death Metal into Post Rock territory. A bit for everyone, in other words. Enjoy, have a great weekend and upcoming week and keep it “safe”.

Hosting: Kobe
Tracklist: Polina, Kobe, Marcus, Si, Tim

01. Scenario II – Doomsday
02. Kartikeya – He who carries the head of Brahma
03. Weedeater – Jason… The Dragon
04. Neonfly – Morning Star
05. TesseracT – Sunrise
06. Redemption – Black And White World
07. Epica – Never Enough
08. Jon Oliva’s Pain – Afterglow
09. Manticora – Complete
10. Fen – Ashbringer

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  1. wayreth says:

    Nice one Kobe!!! TesseracT is most shurely a new discovery for me, best song from the show! No I’m off to listen to some shows I missed in the past!!

  2. Cheng says:

    I finally got time to enjoy EP203 in the infusion room with my daughter. She is fine now with a fever just past.
    I like the EP very much. Redemption, Epica, Manticora are old friends.
    Scenario II, Kartikeya, Neonfly, TesseracT and Fen are new but amazing to my ears.
    The hosting of Kobe is wonderful, especially the comments on TesseracT.
    Perfect EP!

    • Si Smith says:

      CHeng, I hope your daughter is much better now. Metal does people good I think. Thank you for all your positive comments on our show. Kobe did indeed do great hosting!! We are very blessed to have him on the metalcast. All our thoughts with you and your daughter’s recovery…..Si

  3. Si Smith says:

    Always loved Fen! Good old English black metal. I would have chosen that myself if Marcus hadn’t beaten me to it!! And Judit, Sue says thanks very much for the Epica 🙂

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