Episode 200!

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MetalCast Episode 200

And here it is, our 200th episode! Woohoo! No. 100 was a personal selection of the best songs, or most liked ones, we played in the 99 preceding ones. This time the idea popped up that again we should make a (personal) selection… of what we learned from each other’s tastes via the MetalCast. That is, the songs/bands that were new to us (depending on the crew member) and thus pick a song from those respective bands. As you can imagine, we’ve played a whole ocean of songs so far, so making a choice was not as easy. Each of us picked two songs, so in a way this episode is a trip back in time, but also shows that even we are not all-knowing on our own. Some picks may even be thanks to some of you, the listeners, when you requested band x or y to be played. Enjoy! P.S.: for this episode three hosts came together to celebrate it in a proper manner.

Hosting: Polina, Kobe, Si
Tracklist: Polina, Judit, Kobe, Si, Tim, Marcus


01. Amorphis – Magic & Mayhem
02. Powerwolf – Raise Your Fist Evangelist
03. Hate Eternal – Dogma Condemned
04. H.e.a.t – Late Night Lady
05. Baroness – Gnashing
06. Gojira – Oroborous
07. Serenity – Heartblood Symphony
08. Carach Angren – Van Der Decken’s Triumph
09. Deströyer 666 – I Am Not Deceived
10. Gwyllion – A Thousand Words
11. Týr – Tróndur í Gøtu
12. Threshold – Fighting for Breath

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  1. Yamato says:

    Awesome episode, happy 200th!

  2. DaH says:

    I’ve been listening to the podcast for some time now and wanted to use this birthday as an opportunity to thank you all for making me discover great bands.

    Hail to the queen and kings of podcasts, and keep up the great work 🙂

  3. Cheng says:

    The magnificent triple hosting with helicopter is great!
    Expecting your 1001st EP!

    • Si Smith says:

      Really glad you enjoyed the triple hosting! I certainly enjoyed it (can’t speak for Kobe and Polina…) but it was great to be a part of it. Hope we can do it again one day. I’m also glad so many people appreciated the helicopter Polina had flown in from Russia just to make the episode special 🙂

  4. get2dachoppa says:

    Sweetness it was a musical journey

  5. Marcus says:

    I was/ am very happy that I managed to choose some bands that were liked by my fellow metalcasters as well as the listeners. This uplifts me. I just hope that in the future I’ll be able to keep on finding some new tunes for you enjoyment. Thank you guys very much and this was indeed an outstanding episode. I loved the chatting/ hosting.

  6. Gracie says:

    :headbang HAPPY 200TH!! :headbang

    A fantastic episode guys – well done and keep up the good work :beer

    As it’s Si’s 40th birthday on Easter Sunday, can I challenge you guys to find a REALLY BRUTAL metal track to play just for him. Thanks all :thumpsup

  7. Si Smith says:

    And also to the Mighty Karsten without whom we would all be amoeba on the backside of Satan….

  8. karsten says:

    Congrats @ everyone! :beer :beer :beer

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