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Episode 193 – Feat. Eibon La Furies

19. February, 2011
MetalCast Episode 193

Our very own Si Smith has the pleasure and honour to host you through this new episode. Also because three other members were enjoying Rhapsody Of Fire’s gig in Belgium on Friday (Kobe, Polina and Tim). But that didn’t prevent anyone from adding songs. The list is focused on the extreme side of Metal with a few Black Metal bands, mixed with Thrash ones. Present: Eibon La Furies (with whom Si had an interview), In Lingua Morta, Impaled Nazarene, Witchery, Lazarus A.D., Legion Of The Damned and Acid Death. Countering is done by Firewind and Nightware. Also, we’ve got a new band from New Zealand, keeping the old school intact: Razorwyre. On a general level, all songs are as recent as can be and there should be material for each of you. Enjoy, have a great weekend and see you around! Cheers!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Si, Marcus, Tim, Judit
Interview: Si

01. Firewind – Embrace the sun
02. Witchery – From dead to worse
03. Razorwyre – Party of five
04. Acid Death – Crossing the line
05. Legion of the Damned – Killzone
06. Impaled Nazarene – Convulsing uncontrollably
07. Eibon La Furies – I am Whitechapel
08. Lazarus AD – The ultimate sacrifice
09. Nightmare – Wicked white demons
10. In Lingua Mortua – Like the ocean