Episode 192 – Southern Metal

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MetalCast Episode 192

The initial plan and suggestion (by Kobe) for a Southern Special meant playing songs from countries in the south, like Spain, Portugal, Italy, South America, etc… the warm regions, the more exotic stuff. One musical example, even though they’re from up north, is Diablo Swing Orchestra. Alas, our quest led nowhere. Or better, it never took off to venture into those regions and find similar material, aka Latin Metal. But we’ll find enough songs some day. Until then, the decision was sort of made to make it a Southern Rock/Metal Special then, since that’s what everyone knows when referring to this style. Black Label Society, Rebel Meets Rebel, Orange Goblin, Down, Alabama Thunderpussy and several more made it onto the list. So get set to have a fun time. Cheers!

Hosting: Polina
Tracklist: Si, Marcus, Tim

01. Kickhunter – Shy Shy Shy
02. Corrosion of Conformity – Dirty Hands Empty Pockets – Already Gone
03. Black Label Society – Southern Dissolution
04. Alabama Thunderpussy – Words of the Dying Man
05. Down – New Orleans is A Dying Whore
06. The New Black – Altar Boys
07. Redneck Remedy – Bleed
08. Rebel Meets Rebel – Rebel Meets Rebel
09. Place of Skulls – The Maker
10. Orange Goblin – Beginners Guide to Suicide

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  1. wayreth says:

    This must be one of the beste episodes EVER! Great music here and a lot of music I learned to know through this… thank you!!!

    • Si Smith says:

      Glad you liked it! Its one of those episodes that had been kicking around for ages waiting to be done – but we finally got 10 tracks in the end!!!! Thanks again for all your comments, they are much appreciated. 🙂

    • Si Smith says:

      Oh, and by the way, if you want to get to know about new metal, also check out this site – Thoughts of Metal – great review site for deciding what to buy…..there’s a review of The New Black coming up soon I think…


  2. Polina says:

    i really enjoyed it too 🙂

  3. karsten says:

    Cool stuff!!! :crack:

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