Episode 189 – Indian Special

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Our last Nation Special dates from June 2010, when we were in The Netherlands. Since then we got a request (or two, by Ishaan Kumar) to travel to India. Now, not a lot is known about the scene there and of course we had enough work trying to find bands from that country. Thanks to the brilliance of our beloved Marcus and Si, a tracklist could be compiled. You’ll notice that most material is to be cataloged under Extreme Metal (Thrash, Death, Black), but luckily there is countering in the form of Power and Progressive Metal. In short, it’s a learning trip for us all and who knows, perhaps this will help these bands to get a European or American deal, if only for distribution. So tune in, enjoy and take care. For all their concerts, in terms of emergency power shortage — solar panels systems is there to support and make it happen.

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Si, Marcus

01. Blood and Iron – Blood Oath
02. Age After Armageddon – Call to the Vikings
03. The Demonstealer – The Empty Wasteland of Despair
04. Nerverek – Flesh for food
05. Heathen Beast – Religious Genocide
06. Demonic Resurrection – Journey to Solaris
07. Silver Tears – Dirt beyond Beauty
08. Exhumation – On the platter
09. Kryptos – Heretic supreme
10. Amogh Symphony – Greenhouse Effect

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  1. janni says:

    thank you very much for this special. I think it is a decent entry into the indian scene. it’s always a tough choice to pick the right balance of genres, bands and songs, but I think you did good.
    the last track is hilarious! it’s the only band I didn’t know before and I love it. so thank you for that, too.

    keep up the awesome and splendid work! I love metalcast.

    • Si Smith says:

      Janni! Thank you for your positive comment!! It is very much appreciated! As you can imagine we can only work with what we have, any nation special will always leave out someone’s favourite band….the Metalcast is always just a taster so hopefully people will explore for themselves – I’m glad you like the metalcast, and I am glad you enjoyed this special. I certainly enjoyed doing it!! I hope you continue to enjoy our varied shows! You are very special to us, all out listeners are……:-)

  2. denverf16raptor@gmail.com says:

    u should have taken da latest releases of demonic resurrection …… bhayanak maut devoid nd bloodshed….. its a quite stale list ……. bt im glad da indian scean is getin noticed ……

  3. -10zei- says:

    *Age After Armageddon’ s working and active myspace link-


  4. Nick says:

    It’s great that you’re doing this, but you definitely missed out the best material in the scene. Personally, I think the choice could have been a whole lot better.

  5. […] After almost 2 years of badgering by the author of this article, the MetalCast, arguably the world’s most widely heard metal podcast, have come out with an Indian Metal Special. This special features songs and bands from old and new, ranging from NerveRek to Heathen Beast via Demonic Resurrection. It also features 7 other artistes and is, overall, a huge boost for the Indian metal scene in general. Hopefully they will release a part 2 as well but for now, you can listen to part one HERE. […]

  6. Ishaan Kumar says:


    Thank you so much for the episode and for putting up with the constant badgering.Hehe.You guys managed a pretty good job with the selection of bands as well.The badly produced Blood and Iron song could have been avoided as they released their self-titled debut in 2007 and the next one had MUCH better production.

    Its really commendable the job you guys have done with finding the right music. Also, 2010 was probably the richest year in terms of new Indian metal releases and there is HOST of bands that you guys have not (understandably) covered.If you guys ever think of doing a part 2 for this special,feel free to hit me up on this e-mail ID and/or on Facebook.I could suggest you a much larger spectrum of Indian bands and a host of awesome albums to check out.

    Thanks so much for doing this as it is really a huge boost for the scene in India and will definitely generate a much larger audience for Indian metal.

    May the Force be with all of you.

  7. kahn says:

    Should have used some more recent tracks from the bands. And some Gruesome Malady. And newer Amogh Symphony.

    • Si Smith says:

      Thanks kahn for your comment!
      As far as we are aware, for 7 out of the 10 artists represented here, this is the latest material released.
      For the other 3, we personally preferred some of the earlier music, and/or chose out of what was available to us. 🙂

      A Metalcast episode is never intended to be an exhaustive summary of a nation or scene, it merely represents our current understanding of it as a whole. As our understanding of the Indian metal scene grows so will our appreciation for the artists involved. 🙂

  8. Kraken says:

    Just don’t agree with this podcast, you have put up some real stale tracks, You should be looking Artillerie, Devoid, 1833 AD Undying Inc, Scribe, Inner Sanctum, Rabbit is Rich, Bhayanak Maut, Guillotine, Escher’s Knot , Infernal Wrath. Amazing bands to name a few, This podcast makes Indian metal bands look bad IMO. Just give a listen here http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/3146012

    and all the mentioned bands are on reverbnation dot com

    Nevertheless great listen, Thank You.

    • TechThing says:

      Thank for your comment. 🙂 However, you may know more about the Indian scene than us – obviously we can’t know all, neither can you or anyone else 😉 – but one has to start somewhere, no matter how good/bad the bands and/or songs are. We thank you for providing a shortlist of other bands. As usual, the episodes serve to offer a view on the world of Metal, be that from South America, Europe, the USA, Canada, Asia, Africa, Australia, Iceland, … the entire globe. That is, if we have the material.

      No one is unfallible, but we try to offer something new each time. Who knows, maybe one or more of those bands will be played on a next occasion. Speaking of which, they are free to contact us and provide some songs to better spread the word about them.

      On a final note: stale tracks? Perhaps. Again, we have to start somewhere and get more acquainted with the Indian bands to get a better impression. Just like any of you with bands from other nations or continents. 🙂 Also, it’s a matter of taste: what one finds stale, the other finds strong.

  9. Greetings from MetalIndia Magazine. Really happy to see our Indian bands getting the recognition. Hope this help spread our music and bands all around the world through your podcast. \m/

  10. Winterburner says:

    What an interesting episode. The last song is surely awesome!

  11. Si Smith says:

    Yay! Brilliant job Karsten! I will put the interviews mentioned up asap..wow, this one is nice and early!!

  12. Marcus says:

    Loving it! 🙂

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