Episode 188 – Best Of Metal 2010 Vol. 2

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MetalCast Episode 188

We hope you enjoyed our first flashback of 2010. Of course the majority of the tracks were of the melodic kind, but that’s also because 2010 was a year where these kinds of releases stood out more than the extreme ones. However, both will always be present aplenty, with varying quality, obviously. Without much further ado, here’s our second flashback of 2010. Enjoy, have a great year and don’t hesitate to let us know what you thought of 2010, which releases stood out for you, which didn’t, etc… Cheers!

Hosting: Kobina
Tracklist: Judit,Polina, Tim, Kobe, Si, Marcus

01. Alcest – Percées de Lumière
02. Doomshine – River of January
03. Delirion – Walls and Waves
04. Blind Guardian – Curse My Name
05. Avantasia – States Of Matter
06. Dark Moor – Tilt at Windmills
07. Solefald – Norrøn Livskunst
08. Pretty Maids – Cielo Drive
09. Enslaved – Lightening
10. Wuthering Heights – Desperate poet
11. Helloween – Raise The Noise
12. Exodus – The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles

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  1. Si Smith says:

    Yay! I am out of the Rookie status! Thanks Kobe.
    Apprentice I am. Happy I am.
    Does that mean I can have my own light-sabre now?

    • Kobe says:

      Patience, my young apprentice. Greed leads to frustration, frustration leads to anger, and anger leads to the dark side!

      What’s keeping you?

  2. Andrew says:

    No Vanden Plas makes me sad 🙁

    Otherwise I really enjoyed your picks for 2010. Hope 2011 is just as good!

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