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Episode 187 – Best Of Metal 2010 Vol. 1

8. January, 2011
MetalCast Episode 187

The year 2010 has come to an end. As usual, the market was flooded with releases, too many to list them all, let alone listen to them all. And like before and as it happens each year underground talent comes to the forefront to help carry the flame. Some succeed, others fail miserably, so to speak. Big names continue to put out quality material, others had a dip, it seems. The opinions are again divided, but this past year was one where melodic Metal stood out, this in the styles Heavy, Power, Progressive. But the extremer sorts also delivered their share to counter as much as possible. While we played lots of stuff from several of these styles, it is logical lots will not be featured. We keep our objective standing: diversity is key and we tried to make the playlist accordingly. Star One, Sigh, Perpetuum, Ancient Bards, Sabaton, Finntroll and more were selected by our specialized crew.

Hosting: Kobina
Tracklist: Judit,Polina, Tim, Kobe, Si, Marcus

01. Allen Lande – The Showdown
01. Ancient Bards – Only The Brave
01. Kamelot – If Tomorrow Came
01. Sigh – Prelude to The Oracle
01. Star One – Human See, Human Do
01. Finntroll – Solsagan
01. H.e.a.t – Black Night
01. Sabaton – The Final Solution
01. Perpetuum – Into The Deepest Darkness
01. Rhapsody Of Fire – Danza Di Fuoco E Ghiaccio
01. Aborym – III
01. Shining – Blackjazz Deathtrance