Episode 185 – Agalloch

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MetalCast Episode 185

It appears our beloved Brazilian master of (fill in), aka Marcus, cannot wait to be fully back in town. Since Agalloch has a new release out, and this being one of his favourite bands, the man worked on an entire Agalloch Special. To not make it monotonous, the playlist consists of Agalloch material and that of other bands that play comparable music. This choice is inline with our (unwritten) rule to show you and you and you the beauty of Metal, also outside the standard boundaries. On top of that, Marcus had an interview with the band or at least one member. Who? Tune in to find out. Keep it warm, enjoy the tunes and as usual, leave your feedback at the known places. Cheers!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist & Interview: Marcus

01. Negură Bunget – Chei de rouă
02. Agalloch – Dead Winter Days
03. Mael Mórdha – The Gaelic Twilight
04. Agalloch – Falling Snow
05. Primordial – Traitors Gate
06. Agalloch – I Am the Wooden Doors
07. Agalloch – The Watcher’s Monolith
08. Empyrium – The Blue Mists of Night
09. Drudkh – Twilight Aureole
10. The Fall of Every Season – The Triumphant Beast

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  1. dizzwave says:

    Excellent episode!
    I too first discovered Agalloch thanks to Metalcast, a couple years ago. They quickly became my favorite band. Just a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing them perform live, and got to shake Don’s hand after the show.
    Great picks for this show — I love Negura Bunget and Drudkh! :headbang
    Thanks again for spreading the great music.

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  3. Mighty Jhon says:

    Really cool episode, I remember that I discovered Agalloch by this website and I got interested. Now this episode made me like them more

  4. Winterburner says:

    I saw this one coming 😉 Holy cow, two entire hours of awesomeness! Just iin time to save my Christmas.

  5. Marcus says:

    Hope you guys enjoy it. At least you’ll have two hours of the MetalCast Show, hehe. And thank you, Si, for the hosting. Sorry, Karsten, for taking so much webspace 😀

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