Episode 184

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MetalCast Episode 184

Back from our Sunday church, we soldier on with the intensity and devotion of before. 2010 is nearing its end, but that doesn’t mean we ran out of material. Food for everyone, from Helstar, Grave Digger, Dark Moor over Apocalyptica and Helloween to Bilocate, Deathspell Omega and more. We travelled quite a lot: Germany, Czech Republic, France, Jordan, Spain, USA, Finland, Ukraine and Norway. Or better, we sent our dear Si to look for some unknown material. His flights to Jordan and Ukraine (and back) went very well, though he only had his tent to sleep in. We couldn’t risk giving him funds, for fear of him spending too much. Either way, enjoy and may this episode be inspirational for the holidays. Cheers!

Hosting: Kobe
Tracklist: Polina, Judit, Marcus, Si, Tim

01. Helloween – Far In The Future
02. Deathspell Omega – Epiklesis II
03. Dark Moor – Gadir
04. Virvel Av Morkerhatet – When God is dead…
05. Grave Digger – Paid In Blood
06. Umbrtka – Rodina
07. Apocalyptica – Bring Them To Light
08. Vulture Industries – The Hangman’s Hatch
09. Helstar – Monarch Of Bloodshed
10. Bilocate – Ebtehal

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  1. Si Smith says:

    Have to say this is a great ep. Thanks to Judit in particular for informing me there is a new Dark Moor album out…I had no idea….and thanks to Kobe for the hosting, it sounds great! (I’d better stop now before I thank everybody one by one….)

  2. Vale says:

    Oh what Kobe you did take offense at that trolling anon’s comment? 😀
    This was a great episode, thanks!
    (I’m sorry to hear Helloween’s not to your tastes, it is to mine…)

    • Kobe says:

      I take offence at trolling indeed. 😀 It doesn’t necessarily have to be directed at me. 😉

      Oh, and Helloween not to my taste? I don’t remember saying anything like that! I’ll have to re-listen then! 😀


      Oh, I was talking about the Christian episode. :p

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