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Episode 183 – Christian Metal

5. December, 2010
MetalCast Episode 183

Si, the newest addition to the crew, made his debut with the excellent Underground Black Metal Special. But his eagerness for more is hard to stop at the moment and with the help of several of you – to be precise, Kelly Hoffart, Brandon Archer, Andrew Helinski and Andrew Bowcock – there was enough material for him to put this new episode together. Religion is a sensitive subject, especially the last number of years. Many kinds exist with each many followers and one not always agreeing with the other. Either way, because of the suggested material it became clear the episode would focus on christianity, in a more positive light. Not the anti path. The examples are legio and even if you’re neither religious nor a christian, in the end the music is still very much Metal. And that’s what matters. To each his/her own, as the saying goes. Enjoy the tunes and feel free to leave feedback in a peaceful manner.

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Si

01. Trouble – The Wolf
02. Crimson Moonlight – Embraced by the beauty of cold
03. Extol – Ember
04. Divinefire – The world’s on fire
05. Slechtvalk – Call to arms
06. Holy Blood – Shining Sun
07. Mehida – Land of Oblivion
08. A Hill To Die Upon – Prometheus Rebound
09. Becoming the Archetype – Dichotomy
10. Virgin Black – Museum of Iscariot