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Episode 179 – Underground Black Metal

7. November, 2010
MetalCast Episode 179

Our Black Metal god Marcus is still sorely missed, but surprise oh surprise, newcomer Si put together an entire Underground Black Metal Special, featuring bands none of us (well, with the exception of Marcus perhaps) have heard of. Immolith, Darkside Of Innocence, Nutr, Old Forest and several others. In addition, the bastard () even declared himself host of the show. What do you mean, arrogance? For shame! But seriously, kudos to our dear Si for all the effort he put into creating this episode, looking up info about the bands and so forth. Please welcome: Si and the Underground Black Metal Special!

Hosting: Si
Tracklist: Si

01. Immolith – Hymns to the Countess
02. Catharsis Nocturna – Bajo el Manto De La Noche
03. Illapa – Poemas de mi Culto
04. Darkside of Innocence – Of a cursed dawn eclipsed
05. Ossadogva – The house of catchers
06. Nutr – Under the Blackened sky
07. Hexentomb – I come to join this dark side
08. Old Forest – The Long man of Wilmington
09. Mist – A world of ashes
10. A Transylvanian Funeral – When sky and ocean are one