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Episode 176 – Instrumental Madness Vol. IV

17. October, 2010
MetalCast Episode 176

Time for a new episode where vocals are not allowed. Yup, this is our fourth Instrumental Special. The Metal ocean has many bands who have sung songs and many of those bands also do it unsung and let the music do the talking/singing. We tried to make this episode as varied as possible with the releases we have in our collection. Candidates this time come from Italy, the USA, Norway, Brazil, and elsewhere, like Russia. From Progressive over Thrash to Folk, this mix promises to be both heavy, melodic and diverse. Tune in, enjoy and don’t think of anything while listening.

Hosting: Polina
Tracklist: Polina, Tim, Kobe, Marcus

01. Kiko Loureiro – Desperado
02. Enslaved – Secrets Of The Flesh
03. Tomydeepestego – Cicades
04. Pagan Reign – Разгулялось Красно Солнышко / Going Gorgeous Sun
05. Planet X – Conus
06. Rhapsody Of Fire – Labyrinth Of Madness
07. Rich Fortuna – Possible Felons
08. Twinspirits – BTR
09. Testament – Urotsukidoji
10. Shining – Healter Skelter

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