Episode 158 – Feat. Luca Turilli

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MetalCast Episode 158 - Feat. Luca TurilliOne week after the death of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll aka Ronnie James Dio, it’s hard not to use Dio material. But since we had planned something, the Dio-tribute is postponed ’till later. As usual, we selected very solid and worthy material from all over the world: Finland, Germany, Australia, Italy, Venezuela and elsewhere. We’ve got new material from Masterplan, The Ocean, Black Majesty, Eluveitie, Rhapsody Of Fire, Alcest and more. And that includes some requests. On top of that, we’re happy to announce our beloved Polina had an interview with Rhapsody Of Fire co-founder Luca Turilli. Yep, after all those years il Luca finally reserved some time to talk to the Cast about the band, the album and more. So tune in, enjoy the Q&A, and foremost the music and don’t hesitate to leave your feedback at the usual places.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Judith, Polina, Kobe

  1. Masterplan – Blue Europa
  2. Cardiant – Fire On Ice
  3. The Ocean – Swallowed By The Earth
  4. Gillman – El Esequibo
  5. Alcest – Écailles de Lune (Part II)
  6. Black Majesty – Far Beyond
  7. Rhapsody Of Fire – Reign Of Terror
  8. Shining – Fisheye
  9. Enslaved – Isa
  10. Eluveitie – Everything Remains As It Never Was

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  4. Elmira says:

    Why do I bother calilng up people when I can just read this!

  5. tino says:

    eres unico luca

  6. Pablo From Argentina says:

    Hi very good the track list :thumpsup and Rhapsody of Fire is the Best band the Power Metal!!! ❗ ❗ ❗


    I love you guys !!!!

  7. Nolaquen says:

    do not forget to Chile please !!!!!!

  8. Kamaka says:

    lol.. I had that Gilman cd, but I traded it for a labyrinth album… a fair trade, no doubt. But the best song from that album was “Avestruz” hahaha the lyrics were hilarious! for those who doesnt know, “avestruz” means “ostrich” lol! “you are like an ostrich, hiding your head in the ground” hahahaha that always made me laugh

  9. Alexmetal10 says:

    Luca Turilli is my favorite musician!
    Please Luca come to argentina

  10. Babilstephan38 says:

    :thumpsup 😆 6 un mito Luca……..Babilstephan38 :thumpsup 😆

  11. Fernando from Argentina says:

    Thank you very much for this great interview! Will Rhapsody come to Argentina? They cancelled the December 2008 tour so we miss them very very much! Success to all of you! Peace and love!!

  12. Mor10 says:

    Nice work.
    Really liked the interview with Luca Turilli

  13. Marcus says:

    Very good EP and interview. I love Luca Turilli’s accent! ❗ ❗ ❗ :crack:

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