Episode 151 – Black Metal Special II

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MetalCast Episode 151The past weeks there have been about 2-3 cries for a (new) Black Metal Special. Indeed, we made one back in the day, but due to unexpected circumstances we had to take it down. As you should know by now, our god Marcus has a Black Metal collection many would be jealous of. For obvious reasons he added the majority of the songs and handled the hostings. Time to give our beloved Polina a rest. Mainman Kobe is forced to postpone his comeback a little while longer, but you’ll notice when he’s back. Enjoy the ride through the realms of the dark!

Host: Marcus
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus

01. Ondskapt – Lord of All Unclean Spirits
02. Gorath – Apophasis
03. Lord Belial – Unrelenting Scourge of War
04. Maniac Butcher – Co Dobré Pro Mne, Dobrým Jest – To Pravidlem Nemìnným Provázejíc Konání Mé Životem Mým PovÅ¡echným
05. Kampfar – Inferno
06. Carach Angren – Departure Towards a Nautical Curse
07. Averse Sefira – Hierophant Disgorging
08. Craft – Ablaze
09. Behexen – Celebration Of Christ’s Fall
10. Negură Bunget – Èšesarul de Lumini

Episode 151 – Black Metal Special II

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  1. hue says:

    I am not a big black metal fan and most of the songs are out of taste for me but good job anyway :thumpsup
    also i while back i requested a groove metal special. any progress? ❓ if not then here is a track list you could use==
    soulfly- prophecy :headbang
    pantera- cowboys from hell :headbang
    devildriver- clouds over california :headbang
    machine head- imperium :headbang
    bloodsimple- dead man walking :headbang
    five finger death punch- never enough :headbang
    a perfect murder- body and blood :headbang
    throwdown- burn :headbang
    damageplan- pride :headbang
    and DEFINITLY DEFINITLY DEINETLY my favroute= :headbang LAMB OF GOD- ruin ❗

    i don’t mind if you don’t use this but i think that groove metal is a genre like black metal – a limited audience 🙁 – i know metal heads who don’t have a clue what it is 😥 (they also refuse to listen to this show despite recomendations) :pissed . still, it needs promoted so please please do a groove metal special.its my favourite genre. ❗ u guys are legends. :thumpsup

    :headbang :headbang in the words of an old wrinkly guy METAL IS Forever :headbang :headbang
    keep up the good work 😎 :beer ➡

  2. Federico says:

    Excellent job!!!

    Saludos desde Costa Rica :thumpsup

  3. Marcus says:

    😯 :crack: 😎

    Hail Satan! 😀 😀 😀

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