MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 143 – Finnish Metal

28. January, 2010

MetalCast Episode 143Finland is a country where Metal is heavily appreciated, even in the mainstream. The country has spawned and continues to spawn quality in several genres, from Power Metal to Doom Metal. It was time to make a Finnish Special, but we never got around doing one. One of listeners, Chris Mortier, re-awakened the idea of such an episode back in October. Trying to avoid the big names as much as possible, we found several bands that would make the list more interesting. The range is wide: Power Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Gothic Metal, Thrash Metal, … On top of that our beloved Polina managed to catch Stratovarius’s Jörg Michael for an interview. Sit back, learn and foremost enjoy!

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Polina, Kobe
Interview: Polina

01. Kalmah – Wings Of Blackening
02. Azaghal – Filosof
03. Black Sun Aeon – A Song For My Wrath
04. Stam1na – Hammasratas
05. Thy Serpent – Flowers Of Witchery Abloom
06. Kylähullut – Lisää Persettä Rättipäille
07. Stratovarius – Forever Is Today
08. Swallow The Sun – Sleepless Swans
09. Sentenced – Nepenthe
10. Horna – Musta Rukous