Episode 139 – Historical Special Vol. 1

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MetalCast Episode 139Our beloved Polina has been busy the last few weeks and came up with the idea of doing a historical special. Or better, looking for songs that are about events or persons from the recent or far past. We’ve already played similar songs in other episodes, but never in this perspective. On top of that, she managed to cross examine the lads from Sabaton, who all too happily obliged. Polina struck again. Special thanks to Karl from ElevenPR for help in organizing the interview. And since all of this was her idea, she also has the honour to tell you all about it. Listen, learn and foremost enjoy this new load of Metal.

Host: Polina
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Polina, Judit

01. White Skull – High Treason
02. Ex Deo – The Final War
03. Avalanch – Pelayo
04. Thy Majestie – Echoes of War
05. Iced Earth – Declaration Day
06. Stormwitch – Russia’s On Fire
07. Primordial – The Coffin Ships
08. Sabaton – Cliffs of Gallipoli
09. Iron Maiden – Aces High
10. Saxon – Red Star Falling

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  6. It’s a joy to find someone who can think like that

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  8. Kamaka says:

    There is also the greek band Sacred Blood. Their debut album talks about the same story told in the movie “300”!

  9. Marcus says:

    I enjoyed every single aspect of this EP. Being a history lover, this was indeed something very interesting. The songs were great (even though this time I didn’t add Marcus songs :tongi), this episode was top notch.

  10. Steffen Hess says:

    Hey, I am just hearing the episode, and I just mentioned you (Polina) comment that you study barbaric folk and that you have some research papers on ’em, I myself am a student in history and study weaponry and combat in the middle ages, with a side interest in germanic tribes. I am deeply interested in the theme and wanted to ask you if I could check those papers out (under your permision, of cousre).
    Grand episode, and a very good idea, although I would have changed the Iced Earth song for some other of the CD (The Glorious Burden). Any ways, keep on going and Stay Heavy!!!

    • Polina says:

      Hi Steffen!
      :crack: You made me feel really flattered there hehe. But I’m afraid it is hardly possible, not that I mind or anything, but all the four papers are in Russian. Plus there’s little about combat, mainly the evolution of chieftainship into kingdom, not without the effect from wars though hehe. Anyway if you’re interested drop me a message through the contact form (link on the top of the page) and we’ll talk about it :thumpsup

      Iced Earth was my pick 😛 . First of all it’s an event of great importance. In addition there was not many options. We played Attila (an ace song!) before, Waterloo/Napoleon theme was in a way mentioned in the EP. Red Baron/Blue Max is kind of similar to Aces High, also pilot, although Prussian and in the WWI, and WWI was mentioned in the EP already. And these are my personal favourites from the album 😀 , not to mention High Water Mark of course!!! But that would make the EP never ending. and I’d like to save it for some XXXL show lol if we’re ever going to have that. 😀

      Anyway thanks a lot for your feedback! :sign Glad you enjoyed the ep!

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