Episode 134

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MetalCast Episode 134Great news! Polina is back! And she not only added songs to the playlist, she also put Richard from Threshold under a lot of stress during the interview last week. Be that positive or negative stress, related or not to the presence of La Pol, you’ll hear it in this episode. In any case, our gratitude goes out to Adam Sagir for his help in organising the interview. Next to that we obviously have Metal for your ears, from France over Russia to Australia, from Watch Me Bleed over Immortal to The 11th Hour, from Progressive to Doom. Once more there’s a large offering of 2009 material, so you know what to buy next. Enjoy, leave us your comments and support and keep it heavy!

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Judith, Polinchen

01. Immortal – The Rise Of Darkness
02. Black Tide – Show Me The Way
03. Abinaya – Enfant D’Orient
04. Empires Of Eden – New Hope
05. Threshold – Oceanbound
06. Arkona – Nevidal (The Wonder)
07. Gorgoroth – Satan-Prometheus
08. The 11th Hour – One Last Smoke
09. Watch Me Bleed – Dead Sky Black Sun
10. Belphegor – Veneratio Diaboli – I Am Sin

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  1. Polina says:

    Thank you Matt 🙂

    And Si, Threshold is more than worth checking out! ➡ ❗ I personally can’t get enough of them,
    even ordered myself their singles box, Paradox, a few days ago hehe :teeth
    About Richard’s comments, yeah… I just wish we had more time, I’d ask him to elaborate on that and maybe give some examples 🙂
    Hopefully next time when the new album is out 🙂
    Glad to hear you liked Black Tide 😀 , they are fun 💡

  2. Si Smith says:

    Great way to start a show. Immortal showing that you don’t need technical widdly guitar solos to make a passionate metal album.

    Black Tide was interesting – it is always good to hear young bands making metal – gives you hope 4 the future.

    Empires of Eden – kind of standard power metal stuff, but enjoyed the lyrics. “Searching through the fragments of tomorrow in the ruins of yesterday”. No idea what it means but sounds great.

    Great interview from Polina – until now i have kind of ignored Threshold, but I will definitely look them up again and take another listen. I like the way he poopooed your idea of some metal becoming “sterile” due to overproducing etc (saying that all metal will sound good cos its metal), then contradicted himself by saying “I’m very fussy about what I listen to cos lots of it is substandard”….which is kind of what you were saying in the first place, but ho hum, the music is great so who cares!

    Nice variety, nice hosting, thanks again guys

  3. Mattyrubes says:

    Welcome back, Polina!

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