Episode 132

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MetalCast Episode 132As it’s the period of Halloween, sadly commercialised since many years, we had planned an episode in this context. But since our collections lack the required material, we were forced to create a different kind of episode or in short, the sort of mix you have been getting from us since the beginning. Again you will be offered a dish with varied ingredients, from sweet over spicy to … well, an abundance of flavours. And we didn’t solely pick songs from European bands, as we looked a bit farther. United Arab Emirates to be precise, with Nervecell representing its country, and Japan, where Marcus looked for songs. He also got you another movie review. Enjoy and have a great Halloween..

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Kobe, Judith
Movie of the Week: Marcus

01. Nervecell – Flesh & Memories
02. Abigail – A Witch Named Aspilcuetta
03. Bassinvaders – We Live
04. Warmen – Eye Of The Storm
05. Into Eternity – Tides Of Blood
06. Korpiklaani – Vodka
07. Karuna – Neitherworld
08. Sabbat – Demonic Serenade + Brothers of Demons
09. Gojira – Space Time
10. Sigh – The Zombie Terror

Movie of the Week: ZOMBIE STRIPPERSBuy at Amazon

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  1. Si Smith says:

    Another brilliant episode, love the variety, we need the heavier stuff sometimes.
    The Sabbat track I particularly enjoyed, but I have to add my first ever grumble on the Metalcast comments. You said send positive or negative coments, so here you are.

    They are not the real Sabbat! They are imposters! The real Sabbat was the one with Andy Sneap, and Martin Walkyier!!! And they were as English as melancholy and understatement! Defy the Japanese imposters!! Asaargh!! I know the Japanese Sabbat formed a couple of years before the English one, but that is not the point!

    Ok, I’m better now. I’ve taken the tablets,

    Well, Martin Walkyier is like a god in my part of the country – or at least a demon. Sabbat were formed in 85 (I think) and were my favourite band at school. “Dreamweaver – reflections of our yesteryears” was a great album, retelling the Brian Bates Way of the Wyrd book in highly intelligent and poetic lyrics. Then of course, Skyclad came along – I have to credit you for playing one of their tracks back in ep 11, but no more Walkyier since then! It is a travesty! After Skyclad came The CLan Destined, but more recentl;y he returned to Sabbat and they toured US and UK last year again, It would be great for a new ENGLISH Sabbat album to come out, but who knows.

    I am much better now, The pills have kicked in and I have seen the error of my ways,

    Great episode, guys. 🙂

  2. Mattyrubes says:


  3. TheRadiator says:

    Would have liked to see Into Eternity get a double feature with the instrumental interlude “Symptoms” followed directly by “Diagnosis Terminal.” That would have done the Canadians justice. But I can’t complain, it’s always good to see my favorite album of ’08 getting some love. :headbang

    Should have closed out with a Helloween song. :crack:

  4. Marcus says:

    New EP ❗

    I’m listening to Kobe’s hostings and it’s great as always! :thumpsup

    Nervecell ruled!

    And argh (like the new Sabbat release), I’ve been listening to “The Zombie Terror” by Sigh for a decade and still amazes me, haha.

    Hear their howling, face this nightmare
    The zombie terror in their cold stare
    :headbang :headbang :headbang

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