MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 130

17. October, 2009

MetalCast Episode 130We hope you all enjoyed the Belgian Special. Once again thanks to the bands that asked to be played. On to a new episode now, featuring a lot of new material. 2009 is turning into another great year for Metal, as lots has come out and lots sure is very much worth checking out. Diversity is key as we have Power Metal (Sonata Arctica, Nightmare, Fool’s Game), Gothic Metal (Theatre Of Tragedy), Avantgarde Metal (Diablo Swing Orchestra), Black Metal (Nargaroth), Thrash Metal (Paradox) and more for your much needed urges. For more info, just click on the band names to go to their websites. As usual, your feedback means a lot to us. And if you want to support us a little more, PayPal is your friend.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Kobe, Marcus, Judit

01. Fear Factory – Obsolete
02. Nightmare – The Gospel Of Judas
03. Theatre Of Tragedy – Endless Run
04. Diablo Swing Orchestra – Vodka Inferno
05. Fool’s Game – The Conqueror Worm
06. Vreid – I Krig
07. Mastodon – March Of The Fire Ants
08. Sonata Arctica – Flag In The Ground
09. Paradox – Suburban Riot Squad
10. Nargaroth – Sommer