Episode 127

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MetalCast Episode 127This time the focus has shifted a little as this episode features quite a bit of female-fronted bands and more Gothic ones this time. By accident, even though we’ve sort of been neglecting that genre a bit. Next to that we make a stop in Australia and the USA but remain for the biggest part in Europe. Power Metal, Gothic Metal, Melodic Death Metal… we even have something new on offer: Psychobilly. Strange but true. Assjack is the name and you’re in for a surprise here. Pleasant or not, that’s up to your taste. Most of the songs are new (i.e. from 2009), so check your local store for the albums.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Kobe, Karsten, Judit

01. Thunderstone – Dirt Metal
02. Darksun – Para Siempre
03. Wolf – Curse You Salem
04. Cruachan – The Very Wild Rover
05. Lacrimosa – Feuer
06. Primordial – Children Of The Harvest
07. Assjack – Tennessee Driver
08. Leaves’ Eyes – Emerald Island
09. Omega Lithium – Andromeda
10. Be’lakor – Outlive The Hand

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  1. Mitch says:

    I’d never heard of the band Be’lakor but I love their sound. Thank you metal cast for showing me some new bands I’d probably have never found.

    • TechThing says:

      Be’Lakor rocks! I doubt you’ll find their albums in the shops (unless you live in Australia). But maybe you can get it as import. Else contact the band. Their newest release, Stone’s Reach is, in my humble opinion, one of the best this year.

  2. Trentwaffe says:

    YES! Six-String Samurai is the best; great music & that final duel with Death: AWESOME!

  3. artistik_dude says:

    hehe, my Spanish teacher said i should start downloading music in spanish…rock on Darksun!
    anyways, great episode as always!

  4. Marcus says:

    Great episode!

    Six-string samurai is one of the coolest movies ever!

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