Episode 126 – Space Metal

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MetalCast Episode 126Time for another Special. Our devoted listener, Si Smith, posted his Space Metal list on our Facebook some time ago. We all found it a nice gesture and so a new episode was born. “Space” is the theme, the music as diverse as usual. Mainly Scandinavia and Canada are represented this time. Again as usual, especially in Scandinavia’s case. But let it be clear that these songs are just the tip of one of the several icebergs on our planet. Enjoy and keep up the support! We love you.

Host: Polina
Tracklist: Si Smith

01. Devin Townsend – Ziltoidia Attaxx!!!
02. Bal-Sagoth – The Scourge Of The Fourth Celestial Host
03. Gamma Ray – Men, martians and machines
04. Dragonland – Supernova
05. Keldian – The last frontier
06. Voivod – Cosmic drama
07. Iron Savior – Starchaser
08. Dawn Of Relic – When Aldebaran is visible
09. Scar Symmetry – Artificial Sun Projection
10. Cage – Planet Crusher

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  1. karsten says:

    Welcome back back Si!!! :thumpsup

  2. Si Smith says:

    Yay! At last I am able to log on again. The “£$%&£*£%&” computer has refused to let me log on to the metalcast site for months now…..at last the vengeful god of computer technology has allowed me to grace your pages once again……thanks all for your wonderful support….all metal power to all who wander here..:-)))))))

  3. AresSoldier says:

    A very interesting episode, nice bands, nice songs, NICE WEB SITE!!!… HAIL TO METALCAST!!! :headbang :headbang :thumpsup ❗


  4. ZombieInc says:

    No Arjen Lucassen on a space metal show? Absurd! But really, this was a great idea. Keep ’em coming!

    • Si Smith says:

      Arjen Lucassen? I will have to look into that – i am a humble englishman who knows nothing of such things. My choices for this tracklist were based on my own metal collection, which is largely based on what happened to be available when I was growing up…..I’ll check this name out. At least no-one said there had to be a Hawkwind track. Or even a 70s Yes album cover.

      • Si Smith says:

        Oh, THAT Arjen Lucassen,,,,,,,what a spod I am. I’ve just realised who you mean – the Ayreon guy, right? As in Guilt Machine, etc.. I have some Ayreon albums, they would fit in this context, but I don’t know how I would separate one song out of all the brilliance – I’d have to play all the albums and that would be silly. lol..us English aren’t too hot on names we can’t even spell properly….:-)

  5. Marcus says:

    ❗ / ❗

    Really cool!

  6. karsten says:

    superb show, Si 💡 :crack:

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