Episode 124 – Cover Special Vol. II

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MetalCast Episode 124Polina, who’s a big fan of cover songs, desperately wanted us to make another Special where songs from (mainly) Pop, but also other Metal bands, are played by Metal bands. Considering it was Polina’s idea, why not fully grant that wish by letting her tell you all about it? When Metal bands play Pop songs (in a Metal jacket) the result is normally quite good and in some cases better than the original. Rest assured, the playlist also features Metal songs. So sit back, and enjoy material originally by Queen, Simon & Garfunkel, Alice Cooper, Skepticism, Radiohead and more.

Host: Polina
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus, Judit, Polina

01. Raintime – Beat It
02. Nevermore – The Sound of Silence
03. Kaledon – We Will Rock You
04. Stream of Passion – Street Spirit
05. Reverend Bizarre – Deceiver
06. Strapping Young Lad – Room 429
07. Tarja – Poison
08. Lacuna Coil – Enjoy the Silence
09. Shroud of Bereavement – Forge
10. Van Canto – Wishmaster

Episode 24 – Cover Special Vol. I

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  1. Si Smith says:

    Great work guys,
    And yes, Polina, I even enjoyed the Michael Jackson cover. After all, if Children of Bodom can cover Britney Spears, then nothing is sacred. I think its amazing now many 80s songs have been covered by metal bands recently – Depeche mode, chris isaak, ultravox, abba, even Limahl and Neverending Story on the last Dragonland album (or the one before, I can’t remember – Japanese bonus on Holy War that’s it). I guess lots of metalheads are frustrated 80s pop addicts with long hair. AARgh!!!!!

  2. shipwreck says:



  3. Marcus says:

    ❗ ❗

    We need more cover specials (but not too much, as everything else :D)

  4. Spook says:

    I really liked the theme and music for this episode but the compression artifacts really detracted from it… constant blips and distortions throughout 🙁

  5. Westy says:

    looking forward to listening to this one, sounds interesting

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