Episode 121

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MetalCast Episode 121And we’re back! Well, some of us are. Our beloved Polina is at Bloodstock, our main host Kobe is enjoying the sun and chicks in Monaco and Judit has family business to attend to, preparing Atilla for his future position at TMC. In short, the diehard core of TMC holds its position: Karsten, Marcus and Tim. Anyway, the full crew will be back next week, don’t worry. We’ve got another splendid episode for you, filled with lots of new stuff (i.e. from 2009) and some requests. On top of that our Black Metal maffioso Marcus found time to review another movie for you. Which one? Stick around to find out. As usual, enjoy the tunes and keep up the support!

Host: Marcus
Movie of the Week: Marcus
Tracklist: Tim, Marcus

01. Rebellion РRagnar̦k
02. Ex Deo – Storming the Gates of Alesia
03. Andromeda – Extension of the Wish
04. Enochian Theory – The Fire around the Lotus
05. Illusion Suite – Pandora’s Box
06. Children Of Bodom – Hate Me
07. Chris Caffery – I Won’t Know
08. Machine Head – Clenching the Fists of Dissent
09. Armory – Faith in Steel
10. Ahab – The Divinity of Oceans

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  1. Bierman says:

    children of bodom :headbang

    very nice episode
    also a nice picture marcus :thumpsup

  2. TheRadiator says:

    When I heard those opening notes of “Extension of the Wish,” I think my heart stopped.

    For including Andromeda, you have earned much respect. MUCH More than you already had, of course.

    Liked every song in this episode, a first for me. Awesome!

  3. Polina says:

    I’m so in love with the text introducing this EP! Time to give it a listen! :crack:

  4. Marcus says:

    Hope you guys enjoy it! And the movie too 😀

    • TechThing says:

      Yeah, after the rapid work that was put into it. :teeth But it was fun. 😀 And although fast, you did sound very good, Marcusssss. New gear?

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