Episode 114 – Neoclassical Special

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Episode CoverA new genre special, this time offering an ear on Neoclassical Metal. This has been suggested, but we’ve been playing with the idea for some time, yet it wasn’t that easy to instantly find enough, let alone the right kind of bands. Neoclassical Metal is based on the works of classic composers like Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven and others, and you’ll find bands from all over the world implementing these influences. One big example is Yngwie Malmsteen, but there’s also Rata Blanca, Dark Moor, Rhapsody, and many more. As usual, there are known and unknown/less known bands/artists. Neoclassical Metal is another domain which we need to explore more. Life is about learning, no matter which domain. Enjoy the show, give feedback and stay tuned.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Tim, Judit, Marcus, Polina

01. Virtuocity – Flames in the sky
02. Kelly Simonz’s Blind Faith – The Rule of Right
03. Vitalij Kuprij – Track on Fire
04. Victor Smolski – Sarabande
05. Dark Moor – Dies Irae (Amadeus)
06. Made Of Hate – Hidden
07. Rata Blanca – Los Ojos del Dragon
08. Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Far Beyond the Sun
09. At Vance – Four Seasons – Spring (originally by Vivaldi)
10. Rhapsody – The Wizard’s Last Rhymes

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  1. Mighty Jhon says:

    AWESOME track list, I really love this genre somehow, thanks guys ❗ ❗

  2. efandy says:

    Lotz ov thankz! Great special! I’ve discovered for myself a number of bands that seem to become my favourite. I’m looking forward for next such issues. BTW, do you plan to make a Sympho Black Metal special?

  3. Polina says:

    and me too! ❗
    Marcus, looks like some people want to be put into cold sweat by you telling them we’re quitting because of a lack of their activity :wise

  4. Marcus says:

    Another ❗ EP. I really enjoyed a lot of the songs! :beer

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