Episode 113 – feat. Tim Ripper Owens

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Episode CoverOriginally planned for episode 109 we can now present you the “Tim Owens adventures in Metalland” feature. Or in other words, our dearest Polina managed to submit the Ripper to some life-exposing questions, as he seems to be more active than ever. Next to that we have lots of new stuff (as in not played before), some of which has been suggested by several of our listeners. And we can assure you, we like them, too. :teeth Thanks a lot, guys. To all others, keep those suggestions and feedback coming, but foremost enjoy the show, as usual.

Host & interview: Polina
Tracklist: Tim, Judit, Polina, Marcus

01. Lazarus A.D. – Last Breath
02. Behemoth – Decade of Therion
03. Blind Guardian – Journey Through The Dark
04. Magica – Mistress of the wind
05. Cryptic Wintermoon – Once in the windblasted North
06. Beyond Fear – Scream Machine
07. Tim Ripper Owens – Believe
08. Psycroptic – Skin Coffin
09. The Arrow – Never Say Never
10. Dimmu Borgir – Kings of the Carnival Creation

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  1. TechThing says:

    Ah, that’s more like it. 😛 But seriously, thanks! It’s great to read such feedback. The variety exists because all of us like Metal and each has a preference for a certain style, or more styles. Besides, why focus on one style when there’s so much great stuff available? (rethorical question 😉 )

  2. shipwreck says:

    I meant that the Metalcast does a great job of bringing variety. Other shows not so much as they tend to focus on one sub genre. Metalcast encompasses the whole spectrum of Metal.

  3. TechThing says:

    Hey Shipwreck, thanks for the comment. 🙂 One question, though: do you mean other shows/podcasts offer less variety than we do OR do you mean we need to make the playlists more varied? 😕

    Anyway, thanks for sticking around and posting feedback from time to time. :sign

  4. shipwreck says:

    Another great episode. I realize that there are at least one or two bands that I hate per episode (this week it was Magica) but that’s what makes the show so great. It’s tough to find more metal variety in a show. Good to hear Ripper is doing well also, though he needs to lose the goofy sideburns.

  5. Polina says:

    😛 true, Marcus! Thank you 😀

  6. Marcus says:

    Arghh, I see the number of downloads and then I compare to the number of comments and I can’t believe it! :teeth

    Another great EP, guys. Pol, excellent interview.

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