Episode 109

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Episode CoverIt’s been a little while, but we’ve got another interview… in the pipeline. Due to higher powers, it has to be rescheduled. So, no "Tim Owens’ adventures in Metalland" feature today. Other than that we’ve got another load of excellent Metal – including a few new things from 2009 -, mostly with a rough edge (Melodic Death, Doom, Black, … from Akrea to Void Of Silence) on one hand, going for a more melodic touch on the other (Axel Rudi Pell to Theocracy), for you to check out and add to your collection. Times grow busier outside of TMC, but rest assured that the suggestions we’ve received so far are being dealt with and the result will be ready in due time. However, don’t let that prevent you from sending feedback about the episodes, songs, features and whatever more. It’s small things like that that add fuel to our tank, so to speak.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Polina, Tim, Marcus

01. Axel Rudi Pell – Strong As A Rock
02. Akrea – Imperium
03. Adagio – Next Profundis
04. Dark The Suns – Everlasting
05. Soulfallen – To The Wolves At My Door
06. Negură Bunget – Hora Soarelui (Sun’s Round Dance)
07. Freedom Call – Island Of Dreams
08. Void Of Silence – Grey Horizon
09. Eternal Deformity – Crime
10. Theocracy – Laying The Demon To Rest

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  1. bendyferret says:

    Great idea robray! Some covers might be fun – eg Blind Guardian’s Surfin USA or a jolly Korplikaani song like “Let’s drink” [smiley]

  2. Marcus says:

    Haha, thanks, it’s really great to read those words.

    I have to add that I studied English for eleven years. I find it easy when the reading, listening and writing as well, but my accent will never cease to exist, so I don’t worry any more. Plus, I love studying languages, Spanish, Italian, French… I can’t speak them all perfectly without any accent. I think it’s impossible.

    Thank you so much for your support as well as the suggestion. Be sure that we, members of the MetalCast, will have a conversation about it.

    One more thing that I agree: it’s an interesting the fact that we have people from several countries and as well as different favourite metal styles. It’s something that I find special on this podcast. It’s indeed a honour to work with the guys and girls.

  3. RobRay1 says:

    How about a Mirthful Metal Special? You could play anything by Spınal Tap, Dethklok or Bad News; or “Earache My Eye” by Alice Bowie, “Evil Dick” by Body Count, anything by Travis Shredd and the Good Ol’ Homeboys (668, The Neighbor of The Beast), “Young, Dumb and Ugly” by “Weird Al” Yankovic, most anything by Infectious Grooves, “The Sheriff of Huddersfield” by Iron Maiden, anything by Cookie Mongoloid or Arnocorps, Ozzy Osbourne singing the Bee Gee’s “Staying Alive” or singing a duet with Miss Piggy on “Born To Be Wild”? What about The Accüsed covering the Carpenter’s “Have You Ever Been Mellow”? Or how about anything by Beatallica?… or what about anything by Pat Boone from his “metal” album “In A Metal Mood – No More Mr. Nice Guy”?… and then there’s Tenacious D….

    Have fun, and add your own faves to this list! Thank you for putting this podcast together, I discovered it with the “Love Special” after purchasing my iPod Touch– it’s like the freaking United Nations of Metal; I love it! I am discovering new fave bands (Gamma Ray, Rhapsody of Fire, etc.), and appreciate the fact that most all of you speak English better than most people in the UK or USA– yes, even you Marcus 😉 :beer

  4. Marcus says:

    Another very good episode ➡

    From all the bands I didn’t know, I especially enjoyed Akrea!

    And Kobe, it’s really nice to know that you enjoyed Eternal Deformity! 🙂

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