MetalCast – the ultimate metal show

Episode 108

2. May, 2009

Episode CoverTwo special elements today: a requested song (you’ll hear which one) and a review. Marcus didn’t record a movie review this time, but an album one. Sweden and Doom Metal = Candlemass, obviously. But since several weeks a new band has popped up: Semlah. As this is a recommended album for those into Traditional/Epic Doom, Marcus felt he had to comment about it, also because he obviously likes it a lot. Next to that you can expect the usual Metal, from Black to Power, and mainly coming all from the Scandinavian area. Enjoy and keep those comments coming.

Host: Kobe
Tracklist: Marcus, Tim, Kobe, Judit, Polina, Karsten

01. Whitesnake – All For Love
02. Lord Vicar – The Last Of The Templars
03. Heavenly – Keepers Of The Earth
04. Hammerfall – Any Means Necessary
05. Nargaroth – Abschiedsbrief Des Prometheus
06. Scar Symmetry – The Illusionist
07. Semlah – Axioms Of Life
08. Opeth – When
09. Manticora – Melancholic
10. Tyranny – The Leaden Stream