Kobe Mangelschots



Role: Host / Songs
Crew member since: 2006
From: Belgium
Age: 26
Occupation: Self-employed Maintenence Water-dispencers, Jobhunting
Hobby & Intrests: Movies, Music, Internet&Games, Fantasy & Sci-Fi Books

Favorite 3 Metal Genres: Power, Progressive, A mix of everything
Favorite 5 bands: Rhapsody, Symphony X, Ayreon, Atheist, Korpiklaani
Favorite 5 songs: Symphony X – The Devine Wings Of Tragedy, Rhapsody – The Dark Tower Of Abyss, Atheist – The Formative Years, Death – The Flesh And The Power It Holds, Oceans Of Sadness – Judas
Best Gig Attended so far: Symphony X – 2008 – Zoetermeer

Marcus Goulart



Role: Host / Songs/ Features
Crew member since: 2006
From: Brazil
Age: 27
Occupation: Lawyer, Consultant in Law, Juridic Columnist, Teacher and Writer
Hobby & Intrests: Sports (Judo, Soccer, Formula One), Alcoholic Beverages (Wine, unknown Beers, Single Malts), International Law, History, International Relations, Literature, Cinema and Music (Asian/ European Movies, almost all Metal styles)

Favorite 3 Metal Genres: Black Metal, Avant-garde Metal, Doom Metal
Favorite 5 bands: Taake, Sigh, Summoning, Drudkh, While Heaven Wept
Favorite 5 songs: Ulver – Wolf and Passion, Taake – Hordaland Doedskvad Part I, While Heaven Wept – Of Empires Forlorn, Sigh – Curse of Izanagi, Nargaroth – Abschiedsbrief des Prometheus
Best Gig Attended so far: Nargaroth (2009)



Role: Host / Songs
Crew member since: 2006
From: Ekaterinburg, Russia
Age: 23
Occupation: Promotion manager trainee
Hobby & Intrests: history, arts, languages, people, mind, skiing

Favorite 3 Metal Genres: power, prog, sympho
Favorite 5 bands: Nightwish, Rhapsody, Avantasia, Edguy, H.e.a.t
Favorite 5 songs: Late Night Lady (H.e.a.t), Avantasia (Avantasia), I Think I Saw a UFO (Neonfly), Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams (Threshold), Pelayo (Avalanch).
Best Gig Attended so far: Apocalyptica in the UK 2008; Edguy in London 2010; H.e.a.t at Sweden Rock Cruise 2010; H.e.a.t & NeonFly in Manchester 2010

Tim Vervaeke



Role: Songs
Crew member since: 2006
From: Belgium
Age: how indiscrete! 26
Occupation: civil servant
Hobby & Intrests: Metal, automotive industry, ancient civilizations, sf/fantasy

Favorite 3 Metal Genres: Heavy/Power, Thrash, Doom
Favorite 5 bands: Metallica, Rhapsody (Of Fire), Solitude Aeturnus, Savatage, Nile
Favorite 5 songs: One (Metallica), Emerald Sword (Rhapsody), Evil Spell (Primal Fear), ??, ??
Best Gig Attended so far: Metallica in Ghent (1996), Primal Fear in Borgerhout (2005), Paganfest (2008)

Judit Csiki


Role: Host / Songs
Crew member since: 2006
From: Belgium
Age: 37
Occupation: journalist
Hobby & Intrests: history, sports & wellness stuff, travel, good books

Favorite 3 Metal Genres: power, folk, heavy
Favorite 5 bands: Rhapsody, Sonata Arctica, Rage, Kamelot, Nightwish
Favorite 5 songs: Rhapsody – The Magic of the Wizard’s Dream, Nightwish – Wanderlust, Rage – Set This World On Fire, Alice Cooper – Poison, Sonata Arctica – The Cage
Best Gig Attended so far: Rhapsody on Masters of Rock 2005

Karsten vom Wege



Role: Webmaster / Director / Songs
Crew member since: 2006
From: Germany
Age: 40
Occupation: graphic designer
Hobby & Intrests: gaming, metal, webdesign, soccer

Favorite 3 Metal Genres: heavy/power, prog, speed, folk/pagan
Favorite 5 bands: Equilibrium, Dream Theater, Turisas, Symphony X, Nightwish
Favorite 5 songs: some from the bands above … have no idea
Best Gig Attended so far: Dream Theater / Vanden Plas 1998